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Breakthrough Strategy and Action for 21st Century

As the saying goes, “ The only thing that does not change is change itself.” This phenomenon is ever more dominant in the 21st Century that portrays speed and changes occasioned by the advancement of Information Technology. Every day, every hour, every minute the world is changing. Every change is a challenge, a threat, a chance, an opportunity. We have thus entered the Knowledge Based Economy or the New Economy. The end-result is, far from being by default, shorten life-cycle of product/ service and thus the development waves or even corporate life of enterprises.

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  • Essential issues:
    political, legal, environmental, demographical, cultural, etc.

  • Technological Advancement/ Internet wave
    = Speed + Changes
    = Knowledge Based Economy (KBE) or New Economy
    = New scenario and order for business

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Without the slightest doubt, entrepreneurs in the 21st Century must put in place a business strategy in order to catch the wave in this ocean of opportunities. Whatever the size of your business, from start-up to SME, competence and competitiveness provide the crucial difference which will mean that resources are concentrated constructively, energies are focused creatively and the outcome is fully profitable over the long term.

Dilemma of SMEs

SMEs are inherent with various constraints but still need to compete against not only their peers but MNCs and state-related corporations. Thus, against the odds rendered by the inadequacy of funds, resources, technology, branding, market-share, strategic management, etc. SMEs need to transform in the tidal and often unpredictable New Economy. Transformation is applicable to brick-and-mortar business as well as “click-and-mortar” (hi-tech) business serving the former.

  • Need to counter-act the shortening of product/corporate life cycle.

  • Success depends on deliverance of value to customers.

  • Customers include, in broad terms, shareholders, employees, purchasers, suppliers, distributors, and even the government.

  • Synergize in order to maximize resources.

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The Power of Survival for SMEs : Sustaining Competitive Edge

The issue of paramount importance to SMEs in the New Millennium, is survival in the face of mounting challenges. The core strategy should focus on building up sustaining competitive edge. This undertaking is extremely important and covers the following spectrum:

  1. Repositioning SMEs in the Knowledge Based Economy by recognizing and capitalizing on the opportunities and threats emerging there-from

  2. Enhancing the SMEs’ competence and competitiveness in line with the hi-tech era.

  3. Identifying the need of the customers and deliver value accordingly.

SMEs need enhance their competitive advantage via innovative strategy in order that they will be capable of competing with others by doing better what they do or what others are not doing.

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